Kiwi Power has recently revealed its biggest behind the meter battery with the completion of the 4MW/4.8MWh Tesla battery installed at Cenin Renewables in South Wales. A report from the Clean Energy News UK website mentioned that it took 3 months to build the battery in order to provide Firm
Solar Panels
Nissan Energy has claimed that the launch of its domestic solar systems will “complete the puzzle” as it examines additional partnerships in the energy sector. According to a report published on the website of Clean Energy News, the Managing director at Nissan Energy, Francisco Carranza Sierra, said that the solar
Energy Storage
With a combined result of more than 500MW of contracts in the most recent T-1 Capacity market auction, battery storage, and demand-side response have continued to play a major role in the UK’s power mix. An article published on the website of Clean Energy News UK reported that more than
Wind Farm
For the first time ever, Germany has briefly covered around 100 percent of electricity use with renewables on January 1. In 2017, the country generated a record 36.1 percent of its overall power needs with renewable sources. A report published on the website of Clen Energy Wire stated that at
Solar Panels
As part of a new trial to determine the potential to support the use of variable renewable energy supply resources and smart connection to the electricity grid of Ireland, smart technologies and battery storage are to be rolled out to households in Dingle, an Irish town. A report from the